For Ford and Blaupunkt radio codes please be aware that Acme is supplying you with the security code only, this code will not reset the timer or unlock it if your radio says "LOCKED 13" or "LOCKED 10" or "3 SAFE" etc.

Ford radio codes are a fixed number for that set, so it is very unlikely that the security code you will be given will be the wrong one for that serial number.

Always check the serial number! this can be found in 3 places on the Fords and it is always worth a cross reference check, 1st place is on the top lid 2nd is the sticker on the side and 3rd to left of the sticker it will be etched on the side of the set, for Blaupunkts the code is always stamped on the side of the unit.

Codes supplied within 7 hours max,all codes must be paid for before your code is given to you.



Acme excepts no responsibility for units damaged or lost in transit to ourselves so please pack carefully.

Acme would like to protect itself against decoding stolen radios, so codes will only be done when the serial number is present on the unit.

All email addresses, domains, i.p.addresses, personal addresses, telephone numbers, serial numbers or relevent tracking information will be kept and will be available to the police.

All units tested for code entry only when possible, we do not test the units for full function. If the unit does not power up for testing you will still be charged for your code.